Researcher, speaker Dr. Tracey Wilen delivers dynamic multimedia speeches.  She uses multimedia and audio and does require a video screen, laptop projection system, and speakers.

Digital Disruption: The Future of Work, Skills, Leadership, Education and Careers in Technology World. 

(Keynote speech, 30 - 40 minutes, includes multimedia) 
This presentation is eligible for HRCI, SHRM credits
The world is in disruption! You are at the forefront of rapid change. The continued accelerated pace of technology, and competitive forces is causing workplace environments to become more volatile and in need of disruptive leaders, employees to challenge the status quo, and educators to ensure student readiness. This multimedia presentation focuses on key trends that impact jobs, new skills that are needed today to remain relevant, and how
to manage your career in a digital world. Using multimedia and current industry examples this speech can be customized to your unique workforce needs. The presentation includes highlights from the book “Digital Disruption: The Future of Work, Skills Leadership and Careers in a Technology World.
  • Societal Changes - How globalization and societal forces have created a new workplace.
  • Technology Innovations - What technologies are changing the work, skills and careers?
  • The Future of Work – What will work look like in the future?
  • Future Skills – What new skills are required in a digital world?
  • The Evolution of Leadership  What new skills are required in a digital world?
  • The Future of Education - How do we shift from a classical world to a digital world?
  • The Future of You – How you can stay employed for life.

Gender and Generations drive new forms

of leadership

(Keynote speech, 30 - 40 minutes, includes multimedia)
This presentation is eligible for HRCI, SHRM credits
For future leadership, look to women and our younger generation. Research shows women outperform men on most executive competencies. Managers of both genders rate women higher than men on a wide range of leadership skills, including communication, collaboration, and problem solving. Our younger generations offer new ideas and technologies that have value for organizational advancement. Five generations in the workforce means diverse minds to generate ideas and that can lead to new innovations. This multimedia presentation highlights findings from the book “Women Lead: Career Perspectives from Workplace Leaders”​
  • Future Leaders – How work and leadership is changing, paving the way for new leaders.
  • Leadership - Why women’s attributes, skills and characteristic are key to the workforce and leadership roles.
  • Generations - How younger generations are driving new leadership practices in the modern workplace.
  • Innovations - How a multigenerational diverse workforce can drive innovation by providing a variety of ideas.
  • Gender - Why gender matters less and quality leadership means more.
  • Skills - What skills and attributes will help future leaders stay more competitive?
  • Business Negotiating - Why women are critical at the negotiating table.
  • Personal Negotiations - Tips to create your personal success and career roadmap.
  • Future - What steps women and men can take to become more innovative leaders?


Is it time for a Career Selfie? 

There are over 93 million selfies taken every day and this number is growing. Americans spend more time photographing themselves than focusing on their personal career development. One third of Americans are not financially prepared for retirement and many do not have a plan. Something is wrong with this picture! Is it time to take a career selfie? During this workshop series individuals will work on their own Career selfies to ensure they are prepared for any career opportunity or turn.  
Workshop Series
  • The elevator pitch - Bump into the CEO in the elevator and don’t know what to say? Learn what an elevator pitch is and how to create one that will ensure you are remembered. 
  • Personal Brand – You want to stand out at work but your employer doesn’t know you exist? Learn how to develop a personal brand that will fast track you to your next career move. 
  • Career planning – You desire your employees to be more proactive about their personal career planning? During this workshop we will cover how to plan careers timelines and life goals in a 24X7 digital world.  
  • Pump up your profile – When was the last time you reviewed your resume, social media and your linked in profile? Managers do review them. During this session we will review some of the newest techniques to improve your resume and profile. 
  • Interviews – Do you have an upcoming interview for a job promotion and are uncertain what to do? During this session we will learn basic interview knows how and practice so you are ready for the big day


When Doors Close, Windows Open- Graduation speech

An inspiring graduation speech based on personal experience on how to create, enjoy and manage your career and life adventure in an unpredictable world. Contact   for more information or unique school needs.
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