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Q&A with Dr. Tracey Wilen at the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Conference in Montréal Canada

Moderator: Richard Brandweiner

Richard- What are the human implications of more people working for themselves? In terms of being part of something—a tribe? And also in terms of employee protections?

Tracey- So what you talking about is when we will have more 1099’s in the world than instead of W2’s. Actually it is a very relevant question. I was reading some research studies that were studying corporate longevity and how in the 1920’s firms lasted over 65 years and in more modern times the life of a firm is only around 15 years if it is lucky. A lot of this due to globalization and competition. In addition many of us today should expect to have up to 15 jobs/careers. So the reality of us working as independents is very real and this means we need to manage our careers and lives like a revenue stream. A revenue stream that will fund us for as long as we live which for most of us to age 100+.

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