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"Women Lead", Excerpt of Ch.5 Education and Skills

Following is an excerpt from excerpt from "Women Lead", by Tracey Wilen-Daugenti

A Woman’s Toolkit for the Future

All over the world, millions of women are making one of the best decisions they can make to ensure their future earning potential and job satisfaction: They’re getting educated. Since the 1990s, US women have outpaced men in earning bachelor’s degrees; recently, they’ve surpassed men in obtaining master’s, professional, and doctoral degrees as well. In a job market characterized by complexity, technological sophistication, and volatility, these women are increasing their chances of being hired and deemed valuable, promotable employees. Given that most of them will have multiple careers in their lifetimes and will need to continually update their skills to be successful, they’re making their futures more secure: They’re discovering how to learn and think critically, core skills that are the building blocks of a lifetime of learning.

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