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"Women Lead", Excerpt of Ch.4: “Forging Their Own Paths”

If you’ve ever posted a picture on Flickr, made a book on, used a tip from Lifehacker, or hired a babysitter from Sittercity, you’ve got a woman to thank. If you’ve ever brought a child to Build-A-Bear, worn lotion from The Body Shop,bought a Baby Einstein video, or even donned a pair of Spanx, you’ve benefited from a woman’s great idea. All across the nation, women entrepreneurs are reshaping our society and workforce with their innovations. Women have founded less famous but still enormously profitable companies in every major industry. PC Connection, co-founded by Patricia Gallup, has annual revenues exceeding $1 billion. Gloria Bohan’s Omega World Travel makes $1.2 billion a year, and Liz McKinley’s Pinnacle Petroleum, one of the nation’s fastest-growing woman-owned companies, makes $120 million annually. Delta Energy, United Scrap Metal, Cole Chemical and Distributing, JUICE Pharma Worldwide, CFJ Manufacturing, construction agency The Saxon Group, and many other woman-owned companies have annual revenues of over $25 million.

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