Is it time for a Career Selfie?

There are over 93 million selfies taken every day and this number is growing. Americans spend more time photographing themselves than focusing on their personal career development. One third of Americans are not financially prepared for retirement and many do not have a plan. Something is wrong with this picture! Is it time to take a career selfie? During this webinar individuals will learn how to take their own Career Selfie and ensure they are prepared for any job opportunity or career transition.  
Webinar- 60 Minutes
“Career Selfie” is a perfect addition to organization onboarding, education career services or outplacement sessions. This fast paced, information rich, webinar will provide key tips and pointers on how to take your own Career Selfie. This webinar can be tailored to your organizations unique needs. Organizations are required to provide webinar technology.
  • The Elevator Pitch - Bump into the CEO in the elevator and don’t know what to say? Learn what an elevator pitch is and how to create one that will ensure you are remembered. 
  • Personal Brand - You want to stand out at work but your employer doesn’t know you exist? Learn how to develop a personal brand that will fast track you to your next career move. 
  • Career Planning  – You desire your employees to be more proactive about their personal career planning? During this workshop we will cover how to plan careers timelines and job goals in a 24X7 digital world.
  • Pump up your profile  – When was the last time you reviewed your resume, social media profiles? Managers do review them. During this session we will review some techniques to improve your resume and personal profiles. 
  • Interviews  Do you have an upcoming meeting for a job promotion or a job transfer and are uncertain on what to do? During this session you will learn basic techniques to help you prepare for your big day.

To book a speech, or for press inquiries: 
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