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Women Lead: Career Perspectives from Workplace Leaders

New Book from Apollo Research Institute
Drawing on interviews with 200 women leaders, and survey responses from more than 3,000 male and female managers, Women Lead explores 21st-century career trends and provides practical advice to help women excel in the new world of work. Readers will discover facts, figures, and real-life stories about leadership, education, and career planning, and learn how women are using negotiation, networking, and other collaborative practices to lead their organizations into the future.

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Who’s Endorsing Women Lead?

Erica Frontiero GE Capital Markets © Dr. Tracey Wilen"It is energizing to read about the unique paths women take to success and about the innovations being driven by increased diversity in the workplace." —Erica Frontiero, Senior Vice President, GE Capital Markets
Kathleen Kirkish Gap Inc. © Dr. Tracey Wilen"I'm thrilled to see our legacy available to guide young professional women as they invent the next generation of women leaders." —Kathleen Kirkish, Director, Learning and Development, Gap Inc.
Nancy Paris Georgia Center for Oncology Research and Education © Dr. Tracey Wilen"This book provides the advice and insight one would expect from an experienced mentor. It's not to be read and shelved but referred to often for guidance and affirmation as we navigate the unique challenges of our careers." —Nancy Paris, President and CEO, Georgia Center for Oncology Research and Education


Women Lead Video Trailer
We spoke with corporate executives, working moms, and women business owners across the country, and across generations. Hear how they’re leading us into the future.

How Women Boost the U.S. Economy (Clip)   Women Pioneer in Work and Life (Clip)   Women Use Their Voices in All Sectors (Clip)
Women lead in jobs, college degrees, and business start-ups.   Women lead and set examples for current and future generations.   Women lead with their inspiring stories of career and life success.

What are women leaders saying about 21st-century careers?

Carol Evans © Dr. Tracey Wilen"Nobody gets to be CEO by being cautious." —Carol Evans, President of Working Mother Media and CEO of Diversity Best Practices, Bonnier Corp.
Jennifer McNelly © Dr. Tracey Wilen"Advancing your education—that’s critical." —Jennifer McNelly, President, The Manufacturing Institute
Jody Garcia © Dr. Tracey Wilen"You have to have a passion for learning about the global world." —Jody Garcia, Vice President, AT&T Consumer Sales and Service
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